Kazakhstan Federation celebrated its 10th anniversary with a grand concert

On May 1, 2019, in Abay Kazakh State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs solemnly celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a grandiose concert “10 years path to peace”.

The program included the most gifted members of UNESCO Clubs, winners and laureates of the Federation’s programs together with leading artists of the country.

Among the special guests of this significant event were the presidents of the Federations of the UNESCO Clubs of Asian countries, the leaders of the UNESCO Club movement of Kazakhstan, representatives of various departments and ministries, the diplomatic corps, international organizations and the business community, the creative and scientific clerisy.

In addition, members of the World movement of UNESCO Clubs around the world joined the concert program, thanks to the YouTube broadcast, which united hundreds of countries with the desire to become part of a historic event.

Carrying out serious work aimed at enhancing the civic position of young people and supporting creatively gifted children from socially unprotected segments of the population and remote regions of the country, the Federation pays considerable attention to the development of international cooperation. Thus, according to the results of the 23rd Session of the Executive Council of the Asia-Pacific Federation of Clubs and Associations of UNESCO, for the first time in the history of the country and region, the Kazakhstan Federation took the lead in this regional structure for the period from 2016 to 2020, which certainly promotes the image of the Republic of Kazakhstan on international arena among a wide network of civil society organizations.

Using innovative approaches to teaching and education in the spirit of tolerance, the fundamentals of education in the spirit of global citizenship, the ideas of a new humanism, the Federation with each step is getting closer to achieving sustainable peace.

“Undoubtedly, much remains to be done on the way to our goal, but we believe that by joining our efforts, we will be able to create a better world for the benefit of children and youth, and therefore our future!” – on this phrase of the President of Kazakhstan National Federation of Clubs UNESCO – Bolat Akchulakov completed the concert program “10 years path to peace”, and a new level of development of the Federation began.