Purposes and Tasks

The Asian-Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations (AFUCA) was established with an aim to encourage growth and establishment of the movement and to promote collaboration among the UNESCO Clubs and Associations in Asian and Pacific countries and with the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA).  

In order to achieve the objectives, AFUCA carries out exchange of information or personnel, and organization of study groups, conferences, workshops and exhibitions. There are several key-programmes of the Asian Federation, covering AsPAC region such as “Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa” (date of the launch – 1990, 24 participating-countries), International Youth Culture and Art Benglai Festival (date of the launch – 2001), International Festival “The Planet of Art” (former “Children are painting the World. Asia”, date of launch – 2010, 15 participating-countries).    

AFUCA constantly works on the enlargement of UNESCO Clubs movement in the Asia-Pacific region for serving the UNESCO ideas at the grass-root level and ensures inter-cooperation and pro-active participation of all members of the region, enhancing their knowledge and encouraging experience sharing.

For more information please refer AFUCA Constitution: ___________________